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Salestar B2B Pro Plus.png
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Salestar B2B Pro Plus.png


Salestar B2B Pro Plus.png





  • Import your commissions and be alerted when things are ready for review

  • Captures and tracks usage billing data using commission files giving more insights on the usage patterns of your clients , in order to provide a better service

  • Ability to monitor how your business performs in real time along with the commission due, paid or missed out by the networks / service providers. System will also consistently keep you informed on your cash flow

  • Reports to suit your requirements, including Forecasted Revenue Share, Minimum Revenue Share due and commission, based on historical data

  • Reports by Networks, Customers and Dealers to measure the profitability of each entity

  • Captures and tracks Usage and Billing Data using commission files, giving more knowledge on client’s usage patterns, helping you to provide a better service

  • Saves time by analysing connections and resolving disputes with the Networks quick and easy

  • Understand your customer usage patterns by reviewing expected vs actual commission revenue

  • Retain faithful customers by providing Kit Funds and Cash Backs

  • Ability take quick and smart decisions on customers through 'Customer 360 View' dashboards

  • One integrated database allows accurate record keeping

  • Prevents errors in data entry and duplication of information

  • Proposal Building option allows for tailored marketing campaigns and large volume email offers to be sent out, tracked and evaluated

  • Makes up-selling on store floor or at customer location more efficient

  • Accessible anywhere, on any device

  • Integrates with EPOS, Stock Management and Inventory Control systems to complete sales efficiently

  • Ability to import network connection files directly to the system

  • Identifies mismatches and resolve user errors, PCN mismatches, disconnections, Tariff differences and correct them efficiently and accurately

  • Make sure all your connections are paid for by the network or the service provider, raise quarries and followup up on time.

  • Combines disjointed systems spread across different departments, creating one solution hub for the entire organisation

  • Saves the cost of maintaining a warehouse. You just have to import the trackable details sent by the supplier to the system

  • Easy to control the sales process and minimum user errors with full visibility and accountability

  • Gross Profit comparisons to decide which deal generates more revenue 

  • Identifies Opportunities on time

  • Easy to update connection information efficiently

  • Can track sales within a workflow and take necessary actions

  • Real time stock information at the point of sale helps the decision making process

  • Knowledge on how many contracts get expired by the end of the month, helping sales staff to plan campaigns for connection upgrades

  • Make quick and smart decisions through 'Customer 360' screens and retain your valuable customers

  • Kit Funds can be completely integrated with the deals at point of building deals

  • Each step of the sales process is governed by user rights, giving the management full control over the processes they manage

  • Track the performance of your sales staff

salestar™ B2B Pro Plus has been designed specifically to provide an expedient transition for the telecom B2B service providers to adopt a totally web based sales environment.

Salestar B2B Pro Plus.png


  • Manage all your marketing campaigns

  • Run email and calling campaigns with data analytics

  • Data mining tools to get insights on your prospects

Salestar B2B Pro Plus.png


  • Quick and easy Presales process tailor made for B2B telecom operations, saving time and increasing efficiency

Salestar B2B Pro Plus.png


  • Knowledge on your stock level by site or location

  • Ability to raise purchase orders with high accuracy and less time consumption

  • Comprehensive blind stock take process with scheduling function  & shift control

  • Ensures the security of your stocks with fraud prevention

  • Don't have to spend time importing stock information manually with the new “File Import” option

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