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Generic CRM vs salestar - comparison cha

Designed specifically for the telecom industry’s varying needs, the salestar™​ Telecoms CRM functionality delivers unrivaled integrated efficiencies across all scopes of business.

Be it for Retail of any scale, B2B businesses, Distributors, or Refurbish businesses the salestar™ customer management software integrates with other key salestar™ solutions and components to deliver a centralised, duplication and error proof solution that makes any telecom business run with clarity, visibility and efficiency.

Integrating with the salestar™ EPOS functionality and the salestar™ Stock Management and Inventory control functionalities, the customer management functionality delivers a centralised database with all customer information available to sales teams and management at this click of a button. The functionality also ensures that information is recorded faithfully and prevents errors and duplication – making selling a more efficient process. Additionally, the customer management functionality gives sales teams the power to access customer information, renewal information, usage information and patterns to upsell and market far more efficiently.

The solution also makes it possible for B2B businesses, Distributors and Retailers to create tailored marketing campaigns and email customers directly via Proposal Building options and move large volumes of sales through the system quickly and accurately with Self Bill options.

Once a sale is finalised, the customer management functionality moves the sale through to the Stock Management and Inventory Control components to ensure that fulfillment is carried out efficiently, with complete traceability via SIM, IMEI and phone numbers.

24 hour access

Setup Within a Week

Multiple User Logins

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