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Backed by over a decade of industry experience, the salestar™ Network Commission Reconciliation and Revenue Share Solution revolutionizes how telecom industry businesses manage their commissions and revenue share. Designed to incorporate commissions due and payable, the solution effectively manages Retail, Distributor, B2B, Franchise, Internet Sales and Call Centre commissions with equal efficiency.

Developed to be industry specific, the salestar™ Network Commission Reconciliation and Revenue Share Solution can be used independently as a complete solution - or as component within other salestar™ solutions. The Automated Commission Management and Revenue Share Solution can also be used with clients existing heritage systems.

The solution tracks all receivable and payable commission payments and queries discrepancies, in addition to preventing human entry error by integrating with the salestar™ CRM and EPOS functionalities to ensure that not a single payment is missed or overlooked; preventing losses and maximising efficiency.

It also allows for better resource allocation by providing management with a real time overview of all payments and pending items, ensuring complete visibility and transparency.

24 Hour Support

Setup Within a Week

Multiple User Logins

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